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Demand for SoliTek solar modules grows August 18, 2022


Demand for SoliTek solar modules grows

Demand for SoliTek solar modules grows

Vilnius-based solar module manufacturer SoliTek increased sales revenue by 273% in the first half of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. This is mainly due to the growing interest in solar PV not only in Lithuania but also across Europe. Growing export volumes also contributed to the company's strong performance. 

 In the first six months of this year, the company's sales grew significantly in almost all export markets. The company exports to more than 20 countries, with Sweden (2.4 times), Germany (5.3 times), Luxembourg (6 times) and the Netherlands (4 times) showing the best export performance and export growth compared to the same period in 2021.

 According to Julius Sakalauskas, SoliTek's CEO, SoliTek products have found their niche in Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain. "SoliTek has not only expanded its geography, but at the same time gained a share in these markets. In this first half of the year, we have found customers there not only for our modules but also for the innovative solutions we offer. We see great prospects for the Italian market. Since April, we have had a representative office in Italy. Here we are talking about specific projects where we can apply our experience, knowledge and technology," says the SoliTek CEO.

Concerned about high electricity bills, Lithuanian consumers also turned to renewable energy, which boosted SoliTek's sales. In the first half of 2022, sales in Lithuania grew by 55% compared to the same period in 2021.

Demand for SoliTek solar modules grows

"The demand for our products is growing rapidly, so in order to increase and maximise production volumes, we have switched to a 24/7 operation from 1 August. With our capacity fully sold out by the end of the summer and partly by the end of the year, so the company is investing in further development and automation," says Julius Sakalauskas, CEO of SoliTek.

The world's energy sector is concentrated in solar, wind, electricity transmission/distribution and hydroelectric power. For example, investment in solar power plants alone is higher than investment in natural gas, coal-fired and nuclear power plants combined. According to J.Sakalauskas, European producers must be ready for a qualitative leap, therefore SoliTek, as one of Europe's manufacturers, continues to develop its products, which are delivering long-term sustainable solutions.

SoliTek's latest technological and qualitative achievement - SOLID Bifacial has passed the 10500/5400Pa load test, which means it can withstand 2 tons of real weight - the weight of a white rhino. It is now definitively clear that it is not afraid of the winter either, as it can withstand a 10.5 meter snow cap. The world's only EXTREME LOAD module!

A couple of years ago SoliTek set the strategic direction – to focus on building most efficient and technologically advanced solar plants and parks with maximum possible life span. Only by offering completely innovative technological solutions SoliTek can effectively compete with Asian manufacturers. The results have already shown, that deliberate investment in state-of-the-art technology is more profitable than rebuilding standard designs.

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SoliTek Honored with Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award November 21, 2023

SoliTek Honored with Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award

In a significant recognition of its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, SoliTek has been awarded the prestigious Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award by SolarPower Europe. The Solar Diversity Champion Awards aims to celebrate and honor organizations within the European solar sector that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to fostering diversity and gender equality.

Solar Carports Spearhead the Clean Energy Movement November 16, 2023

Solar Carports Spearhead the Clean Energy Movement

The global solar market is on the verge of exponential growth, with photovoltaic (PV) installations projected to soar from almost 200 GW to approximately 730 GW by 2030. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), a category encompassing solar carports, is expected to contribute significantly to this surge. The BIPV market is set to reach $13.02 billion by 2028, signifying a remarkable ascent from $4.60 billion in 2021.

Green Circle: SoliTek Partners with LuxChemtech on Recycling October 18, 2023

Green Circle: SoliTek Partners with LuxChemtech on Recycling

SoliTek is proud to announce a newly established co-operation with the PV and semiconductor wastes recycling company LuxChemtech from Germany. This partnership will allow SoliTek to be involved in managing their PV modules waste and to ensure that, at their end-of-life, PV modules are properly recycled using the latest technologies. 

The green manufacturing journey is circular. Proper recycling is as important as zero waste production.

Solitek – Solar Industry Frontrunner in Net-zero September 25, 2023

Solitek – Solar Industry Frontrunner in Net-zero

When becoming carbon neutral or climate positive for companies is soon to turn into the new trend or new golden standard – Lithuanian company SoliTek, a producer of European PV modules, is far ahead by achieving net-positive CO2 emissions in 2022 (EU Third-Party Certificate). SoliTek is net-zero, offsetting emissions not only of the manufacturing facility, but of the entire company, due to their own PV system on the roof. In 2022, SoliTek generated 0.04 kg/kW CO2 and offset a total of 26,650 kg/kW CO2.

World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification September 07, 2023

World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification

The Cradle to Cradle system assesses brands based on their dedication to minimizing waste, hazardous chemicals, and resource inefficiencies while promoting material reuse, energy efficiency, and social responsibility. SoliTek's accomplishment of the C2C Gold Certificate highlights its unparalleled commitment to environmental concerns and its unwavering dedication to producing solar solutions with the smallest possible ecological footprint.