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Solar module manufacturer Solitek expands its export markets March 03, 2022


Solar module manufacturer Solitek expands its export markets

Solar module manufacturer Solitek expands its export markets

Vilnius-based solar module manufacturer Solitek in 2021 sales revenues increased by 54% and reach 14.8 million euros. This was mainly due to a third increase in exports to the Scandinavian markets and the growing popularity of premium products. Following its success in Scandinavia and the Benelux countries, the company is expanding its export markets. This year the company plans to strengthen its position in Italy and France. In 2021 Solitek already started to cooperate with American companies and this year will start exporting their modules to the United States.

Solitek’s sales increased significantly in Sweden (63%) ir Finland (11%), and total exports to Scandinavia rose by 34.15% in 2021, reaching 5.5 million Euros.

„Last year was a turning point for SoliTek when we further established ourselves in Europe as a reliable manufacturer of solar panels. We now supply 85% of our solar panels to EU countries. The European origin of our products is becoming an increasingly important advantage as Asian suppliers lose confidence. We are also following the recent changes in consumer – they are increasingly focused on the origin of the product, sustainability principles applied by the producer and so on. Therefore we have a lot of possibilities here“, says Julius Sakalauskas, CEO of SoliTek.

Solar module manufacturer Solitek expands its export markets

According to him, in 2021 sales of glass glass solar modules almost doubled (96%), which reflects a change in consumer choice. These are premium solar modules that collect not only direct sunlight, but also their reflections from the ground or the roof. Thanks to this technology, solar modules can generate up to 45% more electricity.

„It is clear that people tend to invest in more efficient and sustainable solar modules. Our solar modules are also the only ones in the world is certified for a Silver level Cradle to Cradle Certified™ award for its advanced glass-glass SOLID module range, which means extremely strict requirements for the EU's circular economy. It becomes our business card, exclusive and advantage in the European market, especially in Scandinavia,“ the Solitek head continued.

This year SoliTek are going to work not in two but in three shifts and continue to increase production. SoliTek can offer the most innovative solutions for green Europe: the solar power plant in the fields with "tracker" technology can generate up to 40% more
electricity; solar power plants on the roof can generate 20% more power; solar panels can be integrated into the roof (solar power plant as a roof) or even the façade (Solid Wall applications); solar power plants in agro industry (agro-solar power plants); noise barriers with integrated PV solutions on motorways and railway tracks saving the construction costs, producing energy and safeguarding the population!

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Solitek – Solar Industry Frontrunner in Net-zero September 25, 2023

Solitek – Solar Industry Frontrunner in Net-zero

When becoming carbon neutral or climate positive for companies is soon to turn into the new trend or new golden standard – Lithuanian company SoliTek, a producer of European PV modules, is far ahead by achieving net-positive CO2 emissions in 2022 (EU Third-Party Certificate). SoliTek is net-zero, offsetting emissions not only of the manufacturing facility, but of the entire company, due to their own PV system on the roof. In 2022, SoliTek generated 0.04 kg/kW CO2 and offset a total of 26,650 kg/kW CO2.

World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification September 07, 2023

World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification

The Cradle to Cradle system assesses brands based on their dedication to minimizing waste, hazardous chemicals, and resource inefficiencies while promoting material reuse, energy efficiency, and social responsibility. SoliTek's accomplishment of the C2C Gold Certificate highlights its unparalleled commitment to environmental concerns and its unwavering dedication to producing solar solutions with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

SoliTek Receives DIBt Approval for Overhead Glazing Solutions August 30, 2023

SoliTek Receives DIBt Approval for Overhead Glazing Solutions

SoliTek has achieved a significant breakthrough by securing official overhead glazing approval from the German organization, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). This accomplishment marks a pivotal milestone in the solar industry and showcases SoliTek's dedication to quality, safety, and innovation in solar module manufacturing.

Sustainability Report Unveils Positive Impact August 02, 2023

Sustainability Report Unveils Positive Impact

SoliTek is a company dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment through sustainable practices. SoliTek today has reached an important milestone measuring the significant growth of the company – the first voluntary Sustainability Report was issued for the year 2022.

NOVA Smart Battery Obtains UN38.3 Certification July 26, 2023

NOVA Smart Battery Obtains UN38.3 Certification

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for NOVA Smart Battery! After an intensive ten-month testing period, NOVA has successfully obtained the prestigious UN38.3 certification. This achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to safety and quality in our innovative product.