SoliTek is 10. Solar Installation Innovators October 15, 2019


SoliTek is 10. Solar Installation Innovators

SoliTek is 10. Solar Installation Innovators

Today SoliTek is the fastest growing solar power plant installer in Lithuania, utilizing the experience gained in module manufacturing to install innovative, durable and highly efficient solar power plants. “The panel is the heart of every power plant. There can be no compromise here, after all, it is an investment for 20-30 years ahead. Quality is paramount,” says Donatas Černiauskas, Head of SoliTek Installations Business.

After a decade of growth, R&D and investment, SoliTek today is a leading solar manufacturer in the Scandinavian region and offers a range of solar power plants to suit a wide range of needs: from small, cost-effective 3kW small home projects to 1,000 times larger industrial solar parks using advanced bifacial and solar tracking technologies.

“Our uniqueness is the highest quality and the principle “get it all from one source”. We provide 100% vertical integration that gives the customer a new level of reliability. When buying a solar plant, any user wants 2 very clear things: to save money on electricity and heating, and to have no problem with a new power plant. Neither tomorrow nor after 10 years. We can offer this because we ensure the production and installation of the power plant from A to Z and are responsible for the quality of equipment and installation”, says D. Černiauskas from SoliTek.

Lithuanian consumers have followed in the footsteps of the Scandinavians, who have realized the advantages of glass-glass panels few years ago and now are going the same direction. Today, SoliTek exports 80% of its solar panels manufactured in Vilnius to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, France, etc.

However, the Lithuanian consumer with every day is cutting a larger piece of SoliTek sales pie because of the targeted support of the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment for the installation of solar power plants from 2019 onwards. Since the beginning of the year, the market has largely grown.

Lithuanians are already choosing quality

“About 70% of SoliTek solar power plants in Lithuania today are opting for glass-glass solar panels. The largest change has taken place in last years. We noticed that Lithuanians simply lacked information on a quality product, because for a long time cheaper Chinese product dominated the market. Our consumer started to change its habits pretty quickly and now they are mostly opting for glass-glass panels”, says SoliTek Head of Installations business unit.

Glass has unique properties that ensure the longevity of the solar cell. Double-glass SOLID Pro solar panels can withstand up to 8 meters of snow, the harshest effects of wind, hail, salt, ammonia and other chemical elements. At least 30 years they will serve the consumer reliably with the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • As a panel manufacturer, SoliTek is fully responsible for the warranty and will replace the modules free of charge in the event of failure. Others cannot offer it.

Innovation leaders in Europe

Continuous R&D investment enables SoliTek engineers to design power plants in Europe that are unparalleled, demonstrating the latest technological capabilities and the direction in which all solar energy will be moving over the next 10 years.

This fall, SoliTek opened a new generation 2MW solar plant in Ukraine, the first of its kind in Europe. Equipped with double-sided glass-glass solar panels with a tracking system, it can generate up to 40% more electricity than a conventional solar power plant.

The panels automatically rotate from east to west during daylight hours, making more efficient use of solar radiation in the morning and evening, when electricity is most expensive and in highest demand. The electricity curve generated by such a solar power plant is best suited to the standard electricity consumption profile of household and industrial consumers.

“Only by offering completely innovative technological solutions can we compete effectively with Asian manufacturers who has only one advantage – low cost. With this project, we will prove that a thoughtful investment in state-of-the-art technology solutions can be more profitable than the reproduction of standard projects”, says Vidmantas Janulevičius, Chairman of the Board of Global BOD Group, which invested in the power plant in Ukraine.

  • The warranty period for the new generation SoliTek solar power plants is significantly different from the conventional ones being built in Europe today. SoliTek gives glass-glass panels up to 30-year warranty. Traditional power plant designs come with standard solar panels with 10-12 m. warranty.

Celebrating 10 years in business, SoliTek has gained experience in solar technology & the market and thus has ready for further growth: by the end of the 2019, panel production capabilities in Vilnius will be upgraded and doubled, to produce 120 MW of pure glass-glass luxury each year.

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SoliTek started Cradle to Cradle certification of its glass solar panels March 02, 2020

SoliTek started Cradle to Cradle certification of its glass solar panels

As interest for environmentally sustainable solar panels grows in Europe, SoliTek has embarked on a demanding Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification process that will approve its Vilnius manufactured glass-glass panels as totally sustainable product, meeting all the requirements of the circular economy. The company expects to complete the certification process in the middle of 2020.

SoliTek is 10. Ready for the new breakthrough! September 10, 2019

SoliTek is 10. Ready for the new breakthrough!

The history of SoliTek, the largest manufacturer of solar panels in Northern Europe, has begun 10 years ago when a group of scientists from the Lithuanian industrial company BOD Group started researching solar cells together with partners in Vilnius. Realizing its immense research and production potential, BOD Group founded a solar technology company that eventually became the leading solar panel manufacturer in the Scandinavian region.

SoliTek opens most advanced 2MW bifacial solar plant in Europe September 02, 2019

SoliTek opens most advanced 2MW bifacial solar plant in Europe

Lithuanian solar technology company SoliTek has opened In Ukraine, Dnieper region, a new generation 2 MW solar power plant, the first of its kind in Europe. Equipped with top of the line bifacial glass-glass solar panels and horizontal single-axis sun tracking system, it will generate up to 40% more electricity than a conventional solar power plant. After piloting this project this year, SoliTek plans to start installing this model in EU markets. The size of investment by Global BOD Group, owner of the SoliTek, is 2.6 million EUR.

SoliTek surpassed 3 MW of glass-glass panel installations in NL August 02, 2019

SoliTek surpassed 3 MW of glass-glass panel installations in NL

Lithuanian premium solar panel manufacturer SoliTek in cooperation with its major Dutch partner Solardarity have announced that this summer was reached a whopping total of 3,2 MW installations of frameless SoliTek glass-glass solar panels in Netherlands.

First Norway’s apartment house BIPV – built by SoliTek June 26, 2019

First Norway’s apartment house BIPV – built by SoliTek

The first apartment house with integrated solar power plant in Norway’s second largest city of Bergen is ready. What’s so special about it? The solar power plant is installed not only traditionally – on the roof, but also integrated into the façade of the building facing southwest. This building is first of its kind in Norway.