SoliTek started Cradle to Cradle certification of its glass solar panels March 02, 2020


SoliTek started Cradle to Cradle certification of its glass solar panels

SoliTek started Cradle to Cradle certification of its glass solar panels

As interest for environmentally sustainable solar panels grows in Europe, SoliTek has embarked on a demanding Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification process that will approve its Vilnius manufactured glass-glass panels as totally sustainable product, meeting all the requirements of the circular economy. The company expects to complete the certification process in the middle of 2020.

SoliTek has been producing solar panels in a sustainable way for years, using both solar and geothermal energy in the process and recycling majority of the waste generated during manufacturing.

“As SoliTek is constantly investing in technology and manufacturing innovation, we have matured to offer the European market an exceptional product, a Cradle to Cradle certified solar panel. We have started already the last manufacturing readjustments, supply chain evaluation and we expect to complete certification in a few months,” says Julius Sakalauskas, “SoliTek Cells” CEO.

The introduction of C2C certification has been driven by two major factors: many supply chain and manufacturing processes at SoliTek are matching this standard already; the second factor is rapidly rising demand for this type of premium solar panels in Western Europe. Especially high interest for C2C certified glass-glass solar panels is in Netherlands, possibly the most developed solar market in the EU:

“We will have a significant competitive advantage in the market and a tangible financial benefit through the introduction of this certification. Today, there is maybe only one manufacturer with this certification in the world.

And the Dutch market pays special attention not only to the quality of the panels, but also to their eco-friendliness, fire safety and very long lifespan, that is enabled by the highest-grade materials, used for the production.

We will C2C certify all our premium SOLID Pro glass-glass solar panels, and we plan to double their sales in the European market next year,” says J. Sakalauskas, “SoliTek Cells” CEO.

The C2C certification defines 5 components for circular economy compatible product:
1. Safe and healthy materials.
Safe and healthy product for people and the environment, from production to reuse.
2. Eliminate the concept of waste.
100% retrieval and upcycling.
3. Manufactured with clean energy.
Manufacturers generate a positive impact in energy supply, ecosystem balance and maintaining soil carbon levels and vegetation.
4. Protection of water as a precious resource.
Exit water is cleaner than entry water.
5. Respect human and natural systems.
Responsible business from their operations to their ethics regarding supply chain and natural environment. Being a partner to all interest groups.

“SoliTek R&D collaborates on major European solar panel recycling projects and other circular economy initiatives for more than 5 years. We are working with major European solar technology research centers and we are leading the fifth Horizon2020 project. So, we have a wealth of knowledge and this certification will take us to a new level,” says Julius Denafas, Head of SoliTek R&D.

“We believe that achieving maximum sustainability will bring us both economic benefits and maintain our reputation as a solar technology innovation leader in EU,” says Julius Sakalauskas, “SoliTek Cells” CEO.

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