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01Our products

Carport with solar panels EPIT-1

Solitek can set up not only carports or solar power plants but also electric Car charging stations and ensure that everything in the home and office will function suitably while resulting in minimised energy losses. The company has been actively researching how solar energy could be more effectively leveraged for electric vehicles over the past few years.

Other than the carports mentioned above with integrated solar plants, the company’s team and its partners have been actively researching and improving on special IBC solar elements, which could be integrated into electric vehicles in the near future.

Solar carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking areas. 

Carports eliminate the need for a surface on which solar panels could be mounted. Dependent on the number of rows of parking required, a photovoltaic carport are typically one, two or three rows wide.  Installing a solar canopy can power your home, or it can turn a wide-open stretch of pavement into a major electricity generator.


  • Don’t require additional land.
  • Can have wooden or metal structure.
  • Can be orientated in different direction than existing roof.

02Tech Specs


5,6 kW

Parking places


PV module warranty, years


Solar panels

  • PV module

    SOLID Bifacial B.60 355W

  • Dimensions (m)

    7,13 x 4,39

  • Construction material

    Glued wood - Glulam GL24h

  • Painting technology

    Industrial painting EN355:2013

  • Roof insulation type

    Silicone; aluminum profiles

  • Roof angle

  • Wind load

    32 m/s

  • Snow load, kPa


  • Color

    RAL9016 (traffic white); RAL7015 (slate grey) other colors are available on request

  • Water drainage


  • LED lightning

    Integrated (6 LED, 1 meter each)

  • PV cabling


  • Construction warranty

    10 years for construction / 2 years for painting