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Solar panel SOLID Bifacial B.60 360W

Bifacial is called an advanced double-sided solar panel that transforms sunlight into electrical energy on both – its top and bottom – sides. This is made possible using double sided solar cells and protective tempered glass on both – top and bottom – sides of the panel. It is very different from conventional solar panel with opaque backing.

We provide 30-year product warranty for all glass glass series solar panels, 87% performance guarantee after 30 years.

The glass glass solar modules are designed to prioritize lifetime, reliability and long-term savings. Glass glass solar panels are safe, fire class A, strong, beautiful and long-lasting. Each component plays an important role in the lifetime and performance of our modules.

All glass glass solar modules from SoliTek are certified by Cradle to Cradle and in SundaHus data base. 

At ideal circumstances bifacial solar panel can generate up to 35% more electricity, compared with glass foil solar panel. In standard conditons, mounted on ground, extra gain can reach up to 15%.

We started to produce solar panel Solid Bifacial in 2017 and our RnD department made a huge impact in developing such solar panels

02Tech Specs


360 W

Warranty, years


Maximum wind/snow load, kPa


Fire class

  • Cells


  • Cell type


  • Cell configuration


  • Weight, kg


  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Front glass (mm)


  • Back glass (mm)


  • Frame


  • Junction box

    Split / IP68


Bifacial solar panels glass glass saulės  elektrinė
  • Power36 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial

saules baterijos stiklas stiklas saules jegaine
  • Power10.5 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial

saules parkas saules elektrine bifacial saules moduliai
  • Power3.3 MW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial

saulės elektrine su stiklas stiklas Bifacial saulės moduliais
  • Power6.75 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial

saules moduliai Bifacial saules elektrines
  • Power10 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial