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Solar panel SOLID Solrif B.60 370W Transparent 3+3

Introducing the SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass Solar Panel - Where Transparency Meets Energy Efficiency in a Whole New Light!

Crystal Clear Solar Innovation: Imagine a solar panel that's not just a source of clean energy but also a window to a greener future. SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass panels combine cutting-edge technology with a crystal-clear design. They seamlessly blend into your architecture while allowing natural light to pass through, transforming your space into a luminous, eco-friendly oasis.

Invisible Integration: No bulky frames, no obtrusive installations – just a seamless, transparent surface that integrates effortlessly into your building's structure. SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass Solar Panels provide both form and function, offering an innovative way to harness solar energy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Durable by Design: Built to endure, SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass panels are engineered with top-tier materials to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Their robust construction ensures longevity, protecting your investment for years to come.

Efficiency Redefined: Our groundbreaking technology captures sunlight from both sides of the panel, making SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass panels highly efficient energy generators. Experience maximum energy production and significant savings on your energy bills, all while enjoying the beauty of natural light.

Eco-Conscious Living: Choosing SOLID SOLRIF Transparent Glass-Glass Solar Panels isn't just a smart energy decision; it's a commitment to a sustainable future. Reduce your carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy while enjoying a brighter, greener tomorrow.

02Techs specs


370 W icon

Warranty, years

30 icon

Maximum wind/snow load, kPa

3,6/9 icon

Fire class

  • Cells


  • Cell type


  • Cell configuration

    6 x 10

  • Weight, kg


  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Front glass (mm)


  • Back glass (mm)


  • Transparency

    10 %

  • Frame


  • Junction box

    3, IP68