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Solar panel Solid Wall 360W

Solar panel Solid Wall is based on our main module Solid Bifacial. So electrical specifications are identical for both modules. Solid Wall has ready to mount solutions - frame - attached to the module in the factory.  Glass-Glass solar panel is ideal for incorporating into building envelopes due to their unvisible frame, aesthetic finish, and variable transparency. Panels can be incorporated into a curtain walling framework, bonded rainscreen system, or introduced as part of the glazing.

In commercial buildings where roof space is limited, façades offer additional surfaces with huge potential of generating electricity. The electricity generated by the system can be either injected to the grid, or it can be consumed directly. 

SOLID Wall can be mounted on various types of the wall. Full black and 10 % transparent available. 

Advantages of solar panel Solid Wall from Solitek:

• Modern appearance of the building;
• Durable and effective;
• Increases the energy efficiency of the building;
• Reduces the temperature inside the building during the hot season;
• The facade from the solar power plant is only 2 times more expensive than the facade from HPL panels and produces electricity!

02Tech Specs


360 W

Efficiency guarantee after 30 years


Maximum wind load, kPa


Warranty, years

  • Cells


  • Cell type


  • Cell configuration

    6 x 10

  • Weight

    30 kg

  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Front glass (mm)


  • Back glass (mm)


  • Frame

    SOLID Wall

  • Junction box

    Split junction box / IP68


solar panels on wall
  • Power665 kW

  • LocationSwitzerland

  • Solar panelsSOLID Wall