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Solar panel SOLID Solrif B.60 355 W New

SOLID Solrif® is specially designed for integration into the rooftop where the glass/glass module acts as a large, strong and safe photovoltaic roof tile. With SOLID Solrif®, your client will save money twice: at first on roof tiles, and then, once again, in reduced electricity bills.


  • Can be used instead of roof tiles;
  • Fits like tiles;
  • Waterproof;
  • Ventilated;
  • Suitable for pitched roofs and carports with inclination 12°-70°.

30-year product warranty, 87 percent. performance guarantee after 30 years.



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Bifacial cells

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32 kg


10 %
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    Dimensions (mm)

    1820 x 1081 x 17

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    Cell type


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    Cell configuration

    6 x 10

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    Front/back glass

    3 mm

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    Maximum wind/snow load

    1600 Pa/3600 Pa

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    Junction box

    3 junction boxes / IP68