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SoliTek Standard M.60 365W New

Full Black, full size cells, antireflecting coating, black back sheet.

There are several versions of these solar modules - with halfcut cells and black film, with halfcut cells and white film - they are, by the way, the most efficient (maximum power) and full cells and black film. For private customers, we usually offer the first option - a full black solar module with halfcut cells and black film.
The windshield of the module is frosted, with a minimal texture like BLACKSTAR, which allows for better absorption of light reflections. This is why this photovoltaic module is more efficient than its counterparts. The most efficient in terms of energy generation are solar modules with a white film. Just because such a module heats up less on a sunny day. And the less it heats up, the more electricity it produces. But solar modules with white film on the roof look worse than an all-black solar module, so those extra 5 watts from a solar module almost never outweigh the all-black look. So full black is the choice for most people.
All STANDARD solar modules are certified by TUV NORD laboratory and comply with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards.

We provide a 20-year product warranty for all STANDARD PV panels, 80 percent. performance guarantee after 25 years.

02Tech Specs


365 W

Monocrystalline cells



20 kg

Junction box

  • Dimensions

    1778 x 1057 x 35 mm

  • Cell size

    166 x 166

  • Cell type


  • Cell configuration

    6 x 10

  • Front side glass

    3,2 mm

  • Frame

    Black anodized aluminum frame

  • Maximum wind/snow load

    1600 Pa/3600 Pa