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01Mounting solutions

SOLID Wall - second skin from solar panels for buildings

SOLID Wall is a solar power plant mounted as ventilated building façade. It generates electricity, renovates architectural design and increases energy efficiency of the building. SOLID Wall can be mounted on various types of the wall.

In commercial buildings where roof space is limited, façades offer additional surfaces with huge potential of generating electricity. The electricity generated by the system can be either injected to the grid, or it can be consumed right in the instant that it is generated.

Glass-Glass solar panels are ideal for incorporating into building envelopes due to their frameless design, aesthetic finish, and variable transparency. Panels can be incorporated into a curtain walling framework, bonded rainscreen system, or introduced as part of the glazing.


  • Simple and easy to mount
  • Seamless architectural design
  • Increased thermal façade insulation
  • Adoption for uneven wall surface
  • Available portrait and landscape orientation
  • Suitable wall surfaces: brick, stone, concrete, block, sandwich and other