Headquarters & factory

SoliTek headquarters and factory are based in the cutting-edge high-tech centre L.I.G.H.T. WING (Lithuanian incubator of green and high technologies). It is the first industrial plant in Central and Eastern Europe using geothermal energy for offices, industrial equipment, heating and cooling.

L.I.G.H.T. WING combines several high-tech production plants, R&D laboratories, offices, and the fastest video conference and internet media centre in Europe.

Manufactured by using green energy

All SoliTek PV cells and modules are manufactured within a smart L.I.G.H.T. WING plant which was built using patented technologies and modern architectural solutions that save up to 40% of total building energy consumption and protects the environment against negative industrial impact.

The Geothermal system for the entire 30,250 m² building and industrial equipment, heating and cooling was installed by drilling 114 boreholes in the ground to a depth of 148 metres . In total the piping system under the building reaches a length of 17 kilometres. In addition, the solar plant installed on the roof of the building generates electricity whilst the hydro energy source is exploited on demand.

Modern construction solutions

Inside, the plant features exclusive energy saving construction. The reinforced concrete combined with sliding bearings is used instead of thermal seams thereby saving a huge amount of reinforced concrete, and extending the building space by 400 m². The advanced sandwich type walls with 5 m² K/W resistance ensures better insulation and cost-saving.

Investments value 

The factory investment is in excess of €45 Million with an additional €6 Million investment into the industrial equipment service – air and water cleaning, process gas and chemical distribution, compressed air, de-ionized water treatment and other systems.

Continuous investments are made into the manufacturing equipment in order to gain the latest technologies for R&D projects and regular processes.


Technology and capacity

SoliTek holds the complete production chain of PV cells of finished Glass/Glass modules. The company owns the latest manufacturing equipment and advanced industrial facilities with an annual capacity of 67 MW from PV cells and 50 MW from Glass/Glass modules.  Ambitious goals and close cooperation with suppliers, drive  further technological development. The equipment is continuously reviewed and supplemented by new machines.


SoliTek multi-si PV cell production

SoliTek is the largest and  only  PV cell manufacturer in Central Europe and Scandinavia. Specialising in multi-si PV cell technology and using only top quality materials in the manufacturing process. SoliTek provides superior efficiency production to the market.

100% of raw materials used in SoliTek PV cell manufacturing are provided by European suppliers.  The manufacturing process utilises  industry-leading equipment by Singulus Technologies (Germany).

Using extraordinary machinery , SoliTek engineers are able to produce 12 cell colours that can be adapted for a wide range of architectural solutions. The cell efficiency ranges from 15% (coloured) to 18,5% (with PERC technology).




SoliTek supplies clean energy solutions – this is the core of our business. It's then natural that we feel obliged to carry out clean activity with minimised harm done to the environment. 

The innovative technologies of the L.I.G.H.T. WING centre as well as our advanced production technology allow us to take pride in clean, sustainable production and results.

  • Due to the innovations in the construction of the building itself and the use of renewable energy in everyday office life as well as in production, the firm reduces its energy consumption by over 40%. In this way we can invest more money in research and business development processes.
  • SoliTek products are manufactured using geothermal and solar energy.
  • We continuously invest in sustainable development of the firm, starting with recycling production packaging and ending in education.
  • Our glass/glass modules are more eco-friendly to the environment than regular solar panels that you can find on the market. This is because instead of plastic, we use glass on the back wall of the panel.


SoliTek strives to provide top quality products to the market as well as  recommending the best supplementary PV system elements and subcontractors to  customers. Production and management quality is ensured by using a number of regulatory procedures. In addition the company is regularly audited by  authorised  third parties.

The PV industry  itself requires the highest level of precision in an extremely regulated environment.  SoliTek ensures  production quality starting with raw materials and ending with personal service when  modules arrive at the customer’s doorstep. Quality is a shared responsibility of all employees and stakeholders of SoliTek , who take all ups and downs personally. In order to ensure the best performance, SoliTek team members from all over Europe are exchanging  best practices.


SoliTek closely cooperates with leading science laboratories, universities, high-tech companies and investors globally.

After a long-term partnership with German manufacturing equipment supplier Singulus Technologies  a mutual Research Laboratory was established and situated in L.I.G.H.T. WING centre, in Vilnius. It is the second largest Singulus R&D  laboratory  of this type, globally, dedicated to applying PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) technology to SoliTek multi-si cells. 

„Green“ attitude was once a luxury, but little by little it has become a necessity that no one is able to ignore. CO2 emission reduction became a legal requirement and obligation for environmental protection. More than 70% of CO2 emission is generated from the heating and water heating systems of buildings. EU Directive 20/20/20 , specifies a mandatory requirement for all 27 EU members that by 2020, 20% of consumed energy must be generated using renewable energy sources. 

Geothermal energy utilisation has a number of benefits compared to traditional energy: 
  •  Firstly there is a 0% negative impact on the environment;
  •  The geothermal heating/cooling is purely ecological;
  •  No gas or other harmful materials are emitted to the environment;
  •  It is a renewable heat source created from the sun and from the depths of the earth.

Geothermal solution for SoliTek factory

In 2013, SoliTek mother company BOD Group opened a brand new high-technology centre L.I.G.H.T. WING combining several manufacturing areas, laboratories and offices under one roof.

In order to reduce the costs of the building and equipment maintenance it was decided to employ  geothermal energy. During the building and geothermal boiler engineering process, the future energy needs of both cooling and heating were taken into consideration.

The unique energy-saving solution was created by BOD Group engineers in collaboration with Polish and German green energy experts. The decision to deploy these particularly modern energy solutions has been a big challenge.  There are not many experts in this field globally and for this reason all the calculations, engineering solutions were created in-house. 

Geothermal energy usage for heating industrial facilities is not a new concept in the world, but the facilities and equipment cooling using the same closed-loop geothermal system is a completely new way to save even more energy. In the solar module production process around 30% of the energy is converted into heatand therefore  equipment cooling requires a large amount of extra energy. The provided warranty for geothermal systems is 50 years, and the system will operate for 15-20 years without major repairs.

In total the L.I.G.H.T. WING centre has 12 sealed-circuit heat pumps installed,,that are filled with environmentally friendly and easily decomposable propylene glycol, which is non-hazardous in the case of leakage of the sealed- circuit, meeting the strict EU environmental requirements, which come into force in 2015.


Facts and Figures

  • Geothermal system capacity – up to 1 MW.
  • 110 vertical boreholes drilled to a depth of 150 metres.
  • For premises, under-floor  heating is used.
  • During  power peak fluctuations, additional energy from the central city grid is used.
  • CO2 emission is reduced by 400 tons per year – this number would be released to the atmosphere if we soley used central city heating.
  • Annual energy savings equate to 250,000. 

geothermal floor.png