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01Energy for Smart Savings

Smart Plan B – Home Battery SoliTek Nova

In uncertain times, the SoliTek NOVA home battery enables a smart way to control home energy flow.

SoliTek NOVA battery storage helps to get the most from one’s solar power system and stay connected no matter what.

Provide more independence from utility providers and power backup for homes for your clients.

Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

SoliTek NOVA is much more than just a home battery designed for energy storage. When connected to the grid, this solar power battery functions as a smart home energy management system. This system consists of:

  • SoliTek NOVA battery: a control box for managing the energy flow, production, consumption, data processing, and overall system management of the battery. Home battery packs are made with lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells.
  • Hybrid inverter seamlessly integrating the home, solar power plant, and battery storage for optimized energy usage.
  • Smart meter for monitoring and controlling the interaction between the home network and the grid..
  • A mobile app to track and improve the system's performance by modifying the settings.
Home Energy Management System (HEMS)
Empowering Wise Energy Choices with a Smart Home Battery

Empowering Wise Energy Choices with a Smart Home Battery

The AI-controlled HEMS adapts to optimize home battery use from the data of household energy consumption habits and solar power generation. SoliTek NOVA’s smart HEMS is connected to the wholesale electricity markets in Europe, such as NordPool. With the help of AI, the battery for homes tracks and analyzes the dynamic tariffs and purchases energy at the lowest prices. In this way, home battery charging/discharging cycles are optimized and cut electricity bills 365 days a year.

Optimizes Home Energy Usage

The SoliTek NOVA home battery enables real-time monitoring of solar energy use. Using custom settings energy self-sufficiency, protection during outages, or cost savings can be prioritized.

Home Battery - Home‘s Power Bank

The smart home battery storage system serves as a whole house battery backup (power bank). Even during a power outage, life continues uninterrupted at home with a SoliTek NOVA battery. All household appliances will operate as usual, utilizing reserve power from the home battery storage.

Battery for Homes - Maximizing the Use of Solar Power

This home battery is utilized most effectively as solar energy battery storage. The SoliTek NOVA home battery solves the issue of where to store the unused energy generated by solar panels during the day. This energy is accumulated in the home battery to be used later when needed. Solar panels and battery connected into one system, make a perfect combination to harness the most of solar energy.

More Power with SoliTek NOVA home battery

Discharge as much as 15 kW from a single battery backup for home. With one of the most powerful residential batteries available - the SoliTek NOVA.

Home Battery - Home‘s Power Bank
Tailored for Forward-Thinkers: Stack Up to 40 kWh

Tailored for Forward-Thinkers: Stack Up to 40 kWh

This home battery can prove not only today’s but also future energy needs, as it’s stackable. A single solar-powered battery pack has a capacity of 5,12kWh. Up to 8 units can be stacked, resulting in a total battery capacity of 40kWh. This is currently the highest-capacity battery for homes available in the market. With such reserve energy, the operation of household appliances for a family of four can be guaranteed for several days.

Compatible With Virtual Power Plant 

SoliTek NOVA energy storage battery can also be easily paired with any Virtual Power Plant (VPP). A VPP is a digital system that groups various small energy sources like solar panels and batteries. VPP operates like a smart network, optimizing energy use and sales based on demand, helping balance overall energy needs.

European Craftsmanship at its Finest

The SoliTek NOVA home battery is made in Lithuania, Europe by SoliTek, a net zero PV manufacturing company.

Using The Safest Tech

Made from LFP (Lithium and Iron phosphates), the SoliTek NOVA battery is safer than traditional lithium solar batteries due to lower overheating and ignition risks. This is currently the safest solar power battery technology.

SoliTek NOVA unlocks the full potential of residential energy storage with the ultimate AI-powered home battery system. It’s a kiss & goodbye to excessive energy bills and hello to energy independence. All while staying connected no matter what.