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World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification September 07, 2023


World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification

World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification

SoliTek, a leading solar module and battery manufacturer in Northern Europe, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by becoming the first and only company in the photovoltaic (PV) industry worldwide to receive the esteemed Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Gold Certificate. This prestigious recognition, awarded by the C2C Certified™ Products Program, solidifies SoliTek's position as a pioneer in environmental sustainability and a trailblazer in circular economy practices within the solar energy sector.

The Cradle to Cradle system assesses brands based on their dedication to minimizing waste, hazardous chemicals, and resource inefficiencies while promoting material reuse, energy efficiency, and social responsibility. SoliTek's exceptional accomplishment of the C2C Gold Certificate highlights its unparalleled commitment to environmental concerns and its unwavering dedication to producing solar solutions with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Having undergone a rigorous evaluation process, SoliTek successfully met stringent criteria to achieve the C2C Gold Certificate, including:

  • Toxicity of Materials: Ensuring the safety of materials used in the manufacturing process to safeguard consumers and the ecosystem.
  • Material Reuse and Energy Efficiency: Demonstrating commitment to recycling and reusing materials for new products, as well as incorporating renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Water Consumption: Implementing responsible water management practices to minimize environmental impact.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Demonstrating ethical and socially responsible practices throughout the organization.
World's First and Only PV Company Received C2C Gold Certification

Over the course of one year, SoliTek transformed from C2C Silver to C2C Gold status, surpassing all other PV industry companies globally. This momentous achievement involved significant efforts and proactive measures.

Notably, SoliTek made strategic decisions to replace few suppliers whose practices did not align with C2C requirements. The company has also conducted extensive laboratory tests and effectively resolved around eight critical issues with suppliers, ensuring environmental compliance of materials used. Moreover, SoliTek demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by addressing approximately 20 areas of improvement, such as setting ambitious goals for water reduction, sourcing renewable electricity from valid and sustainable sources, and establishing agreements with recycling companies.

"This remarkable C2C Gold Certification sets us apart in the PV industry and reinforces our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship," stated Julius Sakalauskas, the CEO of SoliTek. "As the world's first and only photovoltaic company to receive this prestigious accolade, we are proud to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future for the solar energy sector."

SoliTek's pioneering achievement emphasizes its commitment to making a positive impact on the planet through eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainable practices. With the C2C Gold Certification, SoliTek further solidifies its position as a global frontrunner in the production of environmentally responsible solar panels and batteries.

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The President of Malta Mr. George William Vella Visited SoliTek February 28, 2024

The President of Malta Mr. George William Vella Visited SoliTek

In a significant stride towards enhancing the synergy between Malta and Lithuania in renewable energy, SoliTek, a pioneer in the sector, was honored to host the President of Malta, Mr. George Vella, at its administrative and production facilities on February 28th. This prestigious visit underscores the shared vision and commitment of Lithuania and Malta towards achieving net-zero targets within the renewable energy landscape.

SoliTek's Research Uncovers Groundbreaking Results January 30, 2024

SoliTek's Research Uncovers Groundbreaking Results

SoliTek just announced findings from recent series of module durability tests. These tests, which compared EVA and POE encapsulants, have shown stark differences in module durability, with POE encapsulated modules demonstrating significantly enhanced longevity. The preference for glass-glass modules plays a significant role in influencing the decisions of module makers regarding encapsulants.

Solitek partners with Swiss companies for the Alpine solar projects January 23, 2024

Solitek partners with Swiss companies for the Alpine solar projects

SoliTek has joined forces with REECH AG for the projects in Switzerland. Engadiner Kraftwerke selected Solitek as the supplier for their alpine solar power project. Constructed on the road wall, PV system will help to close the sustainable energy winter gap. SoliTek frameless solar panels were installed on the flat roof with the 90° angle - they do not need maintenance during winter and make the PV-system practical and aesthetic.

SoliTek Tackles Shipping Challenges with Innovative Approaches January 11, 2024

SoliTek Tackles Shipping Challenges with Innovative Approaches

In contrast to the turbulent shipping environment, SoliTek emerges as a steady and forward-thinking player. The company distinguishes itself by focusing on manufacturing, crafting high-quality solar modules within Europe. This approach not only emphasizes SoliTek's commitment to quality but also insulates it from the challenges plaguing global shipping routes.

SoliTek Elevates EcoVadis Certification to Silver December 20, 2023

SoliTek Elevates EcoVadis Certification to Silver

SoliTek, proudly announces the upgrade of its EcoVadis certification from Bronze to Silver, underscoring its steadfast commitment to sustainable practices and corporate responsibility. EcoVadis, a global authority in assessing sustainability performance for businesses worldwide, awards medals based on stringent evaluations of companies' environmental, social, and ethical initiatives.