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Datasheets and Warranties of SoliTek Solar Panels and more

  • Brochures

    • SoliTek Sustainability Report 2022

    • SoliTek Catalogue

  • Datasheets of Framed Glass Glass Solar Panels

  • Datasheets of Frameless Glass Glass Solar Panels

    • SOLID Bifacial B.60 370W

    • SOLID Bifacial B.60 370W full black

    • SOLID Agro B.40 245W Increased Transparency

  • Datasheets of Integrated Glass Glass Solar Panels

    • SOLID Solrif B.60 370W Full black 2+2

    • SOLID Solrif B.60 370W Transparent 2+2

    • SOLID Solrif D B60 370W full black 3+3

    • SOLID Solrif B.60 370W Transparent 3+3

    • SOLID Solrif Dummy

  • Datasheets of Glass Foil Solar Panels

  • Datasheets of Battery

    • Battery NOVA

    • Module of Battery NOVA

  • Installation Manuals

    • Installation Manual for SOLID and BLACKSTAR Series Solar Panels

    • Installation Manual for STANDARD Series Solar Panels

    • Installation Guide for SOLID Solrif®

    • Quick Manual Solrif®

    • Quick Manual Solrif® Inner Corners

    • SOLID Solrif® System Drawing

  • Certificates

    • Cradle to Cradle Certificate

    • Material Health Certificate by Cradle to Cradle

  • Warranties

    • Warranty for SoliTek inverter

    • Warranty for Battery SoliTek NOVA (EN, DE, IT, LT)

    • Warranty for Glass-Glass Solar Panels

    • Warranty for STANDARD Solar Panels

  • Other


Incredibly Durable Solar Panels

Incredibly Durable Solar Panels

SoliTek Solrif Promo

SoliTek Solrif Promo