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01We integrate

Integration of Solar Panels

We integrate

02Professional support

For installers of solar panels, investors and utility companies

We'll help to choose best products: SoliTek solar panels, Tigo optimizers, inverters and trackers if needed. We can calculate efficiency, evaluate warranty and estimate ROI of your solar project.

Whether it be solar park, commercial building roof or façade wall – we get to the heart of technical topics and bring you best solutions.

Professional support
Technical solutions

03Technical solutions

Commercial and utility-scale solar projects

Our team of engineers, specialized in production of solar panels and solar power plants will assist with designs and calculations, making sure your solar project is profitable as much as possible.

Engineering and procurement services:

  • AC medium/high voltage engineering;
  • DC engineering and optimisation;
  • Mounting structures and structural stability;
  • Security system design;
  • Monitoring system design;
  • Advisory services in procurement of material and contracting.

04Let your dream come true

Customized PV projects

As manufacturer we can offer design and development with one of a kind solar solutions, which can require personal touch and unique approach. Customization of PV panels adds value for any solar project.

We are able to produce PV panels that are different in size, shape, colour, transparency and efficiency to fit your project vision and architectural design.

Let your dream come true