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Solar Panels Made in Europe Solar Panels Made in Europe

Solar Panels Made in Europe

Solar Panels. certified by Cradle to Cradle Solar Panels. certified by Cradle to Cradle

Solar Panels. certified by Cradle to Cradle

SoliTek Smart Battery NOVA SoliTek Smart Battery NOVA

SoliTek Smart Battery NOVA

01From Solar Module to Solar Farm

European Manufacturer of Solar Panels and Batteries

For rooftops of any kind, incorporated into buildings (BIPV), or installed separately on the ground, SoliTek designs, manufactures, and installs sustainable glass glass and glass foil solar panels. We have control over the whole value chain thanks to an integrated strategy. We promise our customers the highest caliber products that will last for a long time. More than 80% of the solar modules we produce at our factory in Vilnius, Lithuania, in the geographic center of Europe, are exported to Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, United States and many more.

With partners around the world, SoliTek's R&D department is working on solar research projects. The engineering department works with the R&D department to find practical ways to use solar power in a daily life.

Therefore, in addition to standard solar panels, we also provide ready-to-build options for solar panels integrated into carports, solar panels with greater transparency for greenhouses (Agri voltaic), and solar panels integrated into a wall or roof. We have plans to start production of SoliTek battery NOVA at the 2023 4th quater.

Eco Friendly Solar Panels

Eco Friendly Solar Panels

Our glass glass modules are long-lasting, fireproof (class A), and resistant to cold, heat, and moisture. After 30 years, we guarantee 87 percent effectiveness and offer a 30-year warranty. SoliTek glass solar panels obtained the Cradle to Cradle GOLD certificate in 2023, confirming their status as the "greenest in the world."

Solar Innovations and Solutions

Solar Innovations and Solutions

SoliTek is an expert in Building integrated solar (PV) solutions (BIPV). We have solar modules ready for integration into the roof, balcony, façade. We have ready to build solar carport and working on noise barriers. But if you have your idea, we will get into the heart of any challenge and will bring a cost effective and nice-looking solar solution.

Solar Power Plants and Solar Parks

Solar Power Plants and Solar Parks

We plan, engineer, install and maintain various solar power plants. We can take care of most of solar projects: from small scale 3 kW private household project till technologically advanced solar farm with bifacial solar panels and one axis solar trackers. In Lithuania we have our own company of installation solar power plants.

02R&D and Practice

More Effective Solar Solutions

More Effective Solar Solutions
More Effective Solar Solutions

SoliTek, factory of solar panels, was built in 2013 and the building was nominated as Greenest Industrial Building in Europe, by German Chamber of Commerce.  Production of solar panels is powered by renewable energy – we have solar power plant (150 kW solar power plant on the roof of the building) and additional energy for manufactory needs we buy from suppliers of green electricity only.

In upgraded production line of solar panels (in 2020) we produce wide range of solar panels: glass glass solar panels and market common - glass foil solar panels. 

In Lithuania we have our own installation department, which installs about 400 residential solar power plants per year in Lithuania. And it is about 10 % of Lithuanian residential market. We have built effective solar parks in Lithuania and Ukraine. Technology advanced solar parks are with bifacial solar panels, solar trackers and special white sheet on the ground. These technologies together help to reach about 40 % more productivity from solar park.

At the end of 2021 SoliTek with partners has started construction of new factory of battery packs nearby first one. The battery pack factory will be fully operational by the end of 2023. And then we will be able to provide even more solutions for solar projects.

Our Solar Panels


Made in EU

100% Made in EU

SoliTek is privately owned, 100% European Solar Technology company.


14 Experienced

SoliTek is a member of a BOD GROUP, founded in 2009.

Approved by Scandinavians

80% Approved by Scandinavians

Most of SoliTek glass glass solar panels are installed in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Absolutely sustainable

0 CO₂ Absolutely sustainable

SoliTek produces solar panels using renewable energy - with no CO₂ emission at all.

04SoliTek Solar Power Plants

From elegant home with 3 kW solar power plant till 3 MW bifacial solar farm

Saulės elektrinė ant plokščio stogo
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    Power10.2 kW

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    Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Saulės elektrinės su visiškai juodais saulės moduliais
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    Power12,4 kW

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    Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Saules elektrine 1,4 MW vilnius blackstar plokscias stogas
  • Power1,4 MW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Bifacial solar panels glass glass saulės elektrinė
  • Power36 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsSOLID Bifacial


SoliTek Honored with Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award November 21, 2023

SoliTek Honored with Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award

In a significant recognition of its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, SoliTek has been awarded the prestigious Silver Solar Diversity Champion Award by SolarPower Europe. The Solar Diversity Champion Awards aims to celebrate and honor organizations within the European solar sector that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to fostering diversity and gender equality.

Solar Carports Spearhead the Clean Energy Movement November 16, 2023

Solar Carports Spearhead the Clean Energy Movement

The global solar market is on the verge of exponential growth, with photovoltaic (PV) installations projected to soar from almost 200 GW to approximately 730 GW by 2030. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), a category encompassing solar carports, is expected to contribute significantly to this surge. The BIPV market is set to reach $13.02 billion by 2028, signifying a remarkable ascent from $4.60 billion in 2021.