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Made in Europe

Made in Europe

Approved by Cradle to Cradle

Approved by Cradle to Cradle

Loved by Scandinavians

Loved by Scandinavians

01Manufacturer of Solar Panels

From Solar Panel to Solar Farm

SoliTek researches, develops, manufactures, sells and installs sustainable glass glass and glass foil solar panels, for the rooftops of any kind, integrated into buildings (BIPV) or stand-alone on the ground. Integrated approach gives us control over the entire value chain. We assure our clients the best quality, durability and prompt service.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

SoliTek glass-glass SOLID modules are ideal for harsh weather conditions, extremely durable in cold and heat, as well they are fireproof (class A), aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. We provide a 30-year warranty and 87% efectiveness after 30 years for all our glass-glass solar panels. In June 15th, 2020, SoliTek got Cradle To Cradle certification, that approves our glass glass solar panels are "greenest in the world".

Solar Inovations

Solar Inovations

SoliTek is an expert in Building integrated solar (PV) solutions (BIPV). We can integrate our solar modules into roof of the building, ventilated or integrated façade, carport  or even  on the commercial vehicle itself. We will get to the heart of any technical challenge and will bring a viable solar solution. 

Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants

We plan, engineer, install and maintain advanced solar power plants. We cover all directions of solar projects: from small scale 5 kW private household project till… the sky is the limit. Our strategic priority is quality & integration: the client gets technology, solution and post-installation service from one source.


Made in EU


SoliTek is privately owned, 100% European capital SolarTech company.


22 years

SoliTek is a member of a BOD GROUP, sharing its engineering and manufacturing know-how.

Approved by Scandinavians


Most of SoliTek glass glass solar panels are installed in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Absolutely sustainable

0 CO₂

SoliTek manufactures solar panels using renewable energy - with no CO₂ emission at all.

04SoliTek Solar Power Plants

From elegant home with 3 kW solar power plant till 3 MW bifacial solar farm

  • Installed capacity665 kW

  • CountrySwitzerland

  • ModulesSOLID Wall

solitek solrif bifacial
  • Installed capacity10 kW

  • LocationThe Netherlands

  • ModulesSOLID Solrif®

  • Installed capacity23 kW

  • LocationSweden

  • ModulesSOLID Pro M.60

Solitek solid bifacial solrif integruota saules elektrine
  • Galia10 kW

  • ModuliaiSOLID Solrif®

  • MiestasUtena


Record summer results of Solitek September 29, 2021

Record summer results of Solitek

Summer sales of SoliTek show record results. Sales in June-August were 77% higher than in the same period last year - 4.2 million Eur. Such results of the company were determined by the rapid growth of export.

BLACKSTAR - new ultimate solar panel October 30, 2020

BLACKSTAR - new ultimate solar panel

We are introducing our new flagship BLACKSTAR solar panel, that will please even the most refined and demanding customers. At the core of this innovative product lie 3 major elements...