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Solar panel BLACKSTAR B.60 370W

FULL BLACK glass glass solar panel BLACKSTAR is a part of glass glass panel series. At the core of this product lie 3 major elements:

  • Bifacial monocrystalline solar cells 
  • Premium termally toughend glass 
  • Flawless industrial design

BLACKSTAR solar panel is different, because of exceptional industrial design. Yes, and the solar cells absorb the light from the back, too. BLACKSTAR panels are designed for even roughest cold, hot, windy and salty environments, they are 100% fireproof (class A) and totally recyclable. We have thoroughly tested and selected all our parts & materials suppliers. Because even the strongest chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Solar panels BLACKSTAR are designed to prioritize lifetime, reliability and long-term savings. Glass glass solar panels are safe, fire class A, strong, beautiful and long-lasting. Each component plays an important role in the lifetime and performance of our modules.

Solar panels BLACKSTAR are certified by Cradle to Cradle.

02Tech specs


370 W

Warranty, years


Maximum wind/snow load, kPa


Fire class

  • Cells


  • Cell type


  • Cell configuration


  • Weight

    24 kg

  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Front glass (mm)


  • Back glass (mm)

    2, black (optional transparent)

  • Frame

    Black anodized aluminum frame

  • Junction box

    Split junction box / IP68


saules jegaine su blackstar saules moduliais solar panel Blackstar
  • Power4.95 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

saules elektrines ant plokscio stogo geriausi saules moduliai Blackstar
  • Power10.23 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Blackstar saules moduliai 36 solar panels
  • Power12.6 kW

  • LocationNorway

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Blackstar solar panel from solitek
  • Power8.3 kW

  • LocationNorway

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Blackstar solar panels finland
  • Power30 kW

  • LocationFInland

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR

Blackstar saules elektrines
  • Power9.86 kW

  • LocationLithuania

  • Solar panelsBLACKSTAR