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SOLID Bifacial B.60 350W New

Bifacial is called an advanced double-sided solar panel that transforms sunlight into electrical energy on both – its top and bottom – sides. This is made possible using double sided solar cells and protective tempered glass on both – top and bottom – sides of the panel. It is very different from conventional solar panel with opaque backing.

The bottom solar cell side absorbs light that is reflected off the ground. This light is called albedo light. The white surface beneath the panel can reflect up to 80% of reflected sunlight. 

At ideal circumstances bifacial solar panel can generate up to 40% more electricity, compared with conventional solar panel.

02Tech Specs



Bifacial cells



30 kg

Cell type

  • Dimensions

    1770 x 1049 x 7,1 mm

  • Cell configuration

    6 x 10

  • Front glass (mm)

    3 mm

  • Back glass (mm)

    3 mm

  • Frame


  • Maximum wind/snow load

    1600 Pa / 5330 Pa

  • Junction box

    Split junction box / IP68

04Why glass-glass?