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01Mounting solutions

Photovoltaic Noise Barrier

Photovoltaic Noise Barriers (PVNBs) are technologies designed to reduce noise levels, protect noise-sensitive areas from road traffic noise and generate clean energy. Their design consists of a noise barrier system with a photovoltaic (PV) device that converts sunlight into electricity.

The PVNBs offers additional area over and above the land on which PV modules can be installed and which can provide a better land use ratio for energy production than conventional solar PV farms. PVNB’s bifacial duplex modules ensure sufficient power generation, therefore there is a growing interest in how solar power plants can be integrated into vertical structures.

The noise reduction performance of the PVNBs has not changed significantly with the retrofitting of PV modules, and the new PVNBs can be designed to meet all relevant noise requirements. It is applicable to roads and railways.

The cooperation among the owner, constructor and PVNB solution provider is the key for the successful development of the project – partnership with the local stakeholders is the key.


  • Easy instalment and maintenance;
  • Can be in different module layout;
  • Makes decent insulation from noise;
  • Fits with conventional acoustic modules;
  • Can fit to different distances of H beams;
  • Bifacial wall generates up to 20%.

03Implemented projects

solar noise barrier with integrated solar panels
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    Power22,2 kW

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    Solar PanelsSolid BIFACIAL