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01Mounting solutions

SOLID Solrif®

SOLID Solrif® is specially designed for integration into the rooftop where the glass/glass module acts as a large, strong and safe photovoltaic roof tile. 

With SOLID Solrif®, your client will save money twice: at first on roof tiles, and then, once again, in reduced electricity bills. It became possible when we connected our fire class A Glass Glass solar module SOLID Pro with Solrif® system from Ernst Schweizer AG. We call this system SOLID Solrif®. SOLID Solrif® is valued for its ability to generate electricity, for its simplicity of mounting and design. All we need to provide the offer is building location and roof dimensions.


  • Can be used instead of roof tiles;
  • Fits like tiles;
  • Waterproof;
  • Ventilated;
  • Suitable for pitched roofs and carports with inclination 12°-70°.

System components:

  1. Lead flashing, wedge plank, sealing tape strip;
  2. Fixing or flashing;
  3. Mounting clamp (Profile/Glass);
  4. Wood screws with pan head 4.5×35;
  5. Flashing side left;
  6. Flashing profile left;
  7. Solrif batten 120×30 mm2;
  8. Tiling battens;
  9. Flashing side top left;
  10. Flashing top left;
  11. Solar panel with Solrif frame;
  12. Protective profile;
  13. Flashing top middle.