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In-Roof Integrated Solar Panels

SOLID Solrif® is a specially crafted, integrated solar panel system designed to seamlessly become a part of your rooftop. Acting as a robust photovoltaic roof tile, the glass/glass module not only adds strength to your roof but also serves as a powerful energy generator.

With SOLID Solrif® solar panels, your clients enjoy a double benefit: savings on traditional roof tiles and, subsequently, reduced electricity bills. This innovation comes to life by pairing our fire-class A Glass Glass solar module, SOLID Pro, with the advanced Solrif® system from Ernst Schweizer AG, creating what we proudly call SOLID Solrif®. Valued for its electricity-generating prowess, straightforward installation, and sleek design, SOLID Solrif® offers a unique solution to harness solar energy.

To provide you with a tailored offer, all we need are the building location and roof dimensions. SOLID Solrif® is renowned for its simplicity, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to embrace solar power without the hassle.

Certified by Ernst Schweizer AG, Solrif PV modules from SoliTek Cells adhere to stringent quality guidelines. This certification ensures that our modules, along with all production processes, meet the high standards set by Ernst Schweizer AG. Rest assured, SOLID Solrif® modules, when installed as a replacement for traditional roof covers, are not only suitable for the purpose but also completely watertight.

Solid Solrif Solar Modules Attain Official Overhead Glazing Approval

We're thrilled to mention that Solid Solrif solar modules have received the official overhead glazing approval from the prestigious German organization, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt). This significant achievement stands as a crucial milestone within the solar industry, underscoring SoliTek's unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation in the manufacturing of solar modules. This approval reaffirms the high standards and reliability of Solid Solrif, making it a trusted choice for those seeking cutting-edge solar solutions.

Key Advantages of SOLID Solrif®:

  • Replaces traditional roof tiles
  • Fits seamlessly like tiles
  • Waterproof and ventilated
  • Suitable for pitched roofs and carports with inclinations ranging from 12° to 70°

Choose SOLID Solrif® for an integrated solar solution that not only enhances the aesthetics of your roof but also contributes to sustainable energy savings.

03Implemented projects

integrated solar panels solrif solar power plant solitek
  • Power7 kW

  • LocationNorway

  • Solar panelsSOLID Solrif

solrif saules elektrine
  • Power30 kW

  • LocationNorway

  • Solar panelsSOLID Solrif

solrif saulės elektrine
  • Power25 kW

  • LocationSweden

  • Solar panelsSOLID Solrif®

solitek solrif bifacial
  • Power10 kW

  • LocationNetherlands

  • Solar panelsSOLID Solrif