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01Mounting solutions

SOLID Solrif® solar panel

SOLID Solrif® is specially designed for integration into the rooftop where the glass/glass module acts as a large, strong and safe photovoltaic roof tile. 

With solar panel SOLID Solrif®, your clients can save money twice: at first on roof tiles, and then, once again, in reduced electricity bills. It became possible when we connected our fire class A Glass Glass solar module SOLID Pro with Solrif® system from Ernst Schweizer AG. We call this system SOLID Solrif®. SOLID Solrif® is valued for its ability to generate electricity, for its simplicity of mounting and design. All we need to provide the offer is building location and roof dimensions.

The Solrif PV modules produced by SoliTek Cells are certified by Ernst Schweizer AG, confirming that these modules and all production processes complies with the quality guidelines of Ernst Schweizer AG. This certificate guarantees that Solrif PV modules installed in place of the roof cover are suitable for this purpose and watertight. 


  • Can be used instead of roof tiles;
  • Fits like tiles;
  • Waterproof;
  • Ventilated;
  • Suitable for pitched roofs and carports with inclination 12°-70°.

System components:

  1. Lead flashing, wedge plank, sealing tape strip;
  2. Fixing or flashing;
  3. Mounting clamp (Profile/Glass);
  4. Wood screws with pan head 4.5×35;
  5. Flashing side left;
  6. Flashing profile left;
  7. Solrif batten 120×30 mm2;
  8. Tiling battens;
  9. Flashing side top left;
  10. Flashing top left;
  11. Solar panel with Solrif frame;
  12. Protective profile;
  13. Flashing top middle.