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Home Battery SoliTek Nova New

Home Energy Management System (HEMS) SoliTek NOVA is much more than just a home battery designed for energy storage. When connected to the grid, this solar power battery functions as a smart home energy management system. This system consists of:

  • SoliTek NOVA battery: a control box for managing the energy flow, production, consumption, data processing, and overall system management of the battery. Home battery packs with lithium-ion and lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells.
  • Hybrid inverter seamlessly integrating the home, solar power plant, and battery storage for optimized energy usage.
  • Smart meter for monitoring and controlling the interaction between the home network, and the grid.
  • A mobile app to track and improve the system's performance by modifying the settings.

The SoliTek NOVA home battery enables real-time monitoring of solar energy use. Using custom settings energy self-sufficiency, protection during outages, or cost savings can be prioritized.

02Tech Specs

Capacity, kWh

5-40 icon


LFP icon

Three-phase backup (up to), kW

15 icon

Limited warranty, years

10 icon
  • icon

    Nominal voltage, V


  • icon

    Nominal Power, kW


  • icon

    Max modules (5 kWh) for 1 control block


  • icon

    Dimensions (5 kWh), mm


  • icon

    Weight (5 kWh), kg


  • icon

    Dimensions (40 kWh), mm


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    Weight (40 kWh), kg