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Solar panel BLACKSTAR 420 W New

Introducing BLACKSTAR, the epitome of cutting-edge solar technology, proudly made in the EU. These full black N-type, TOPcon bifacial solar panels are engineered to revolutionize renewable energy generation, offering exceptional efficiency and striking aesthetics.

BLACKSTAR's innovative bifacial design harnesses sunlight from both sides, ensuring maximum energy capture and significantly boosting overall output. Its advanced technology makes it an ideal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial installations, delivering unparalleled performance in various environments.

Designed and manufactured in the EU with meticulous attention to detail, BLACKSTAR guarantees top-tier quality and reliability. These panels are constructed using premium-grade materials, making them durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting power generation.

In addition to their impressive performance, BLACKSTAR full black bifacial solar panels feature a sleek, elegant appearance, adding a touch of sophistication to any installation. Their dark, unobtrusive profile integrates seamlessly with rooftops and ground-mounted arrays, elevating the aesthetics of any space.

Experience the next generation of solar technology with BLACKSTAR – the ultimate choice for environmentally conscious individuals and businesses seeking high-performance, European-made bifacial solar panels. Join the clean energy movement and invest in a sustainable future with BLACKSTAR.

02Techs Specs


420 W

Warranty, years


Maximum wind/snow load, kPa


Fire class

  • Cells


  • Cell type

    N type, TOPCon - bifacial

  • Cell configuration


  • Weight, kg


  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Front glass (mm)


  • Back glass (mm)

    2, black

  • Frame

    Black anodized aluminum frame

  • Junction box

    Split junction box / IP68