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Smart energy flow management system for the home with battery NOVA

For a smart home, the battery must be smart too

For a smart home, the battery must be smart too

Energy flow management system with lithium-ion battery. NOVA

A smart electricity storage system or battery is already a common part of households with solar power plants around the world. As solar power plants become more popular, connecting to the grid becomes more complicated and electricity prices rise in Europe, batteries become more and more interesting, especially for those who own solar power plants. Unlike many other forms of energy storage and generation, batteries are especially valuable because they give the home more options. The intelligent storage system developed by SoliTek can react faster than other energy storage or generation technologies and will help maintain the stability of the home grid by switching on and off the required electricity source instantly or ensuring electricity supply during power grid failures.

The Innovation and Technology Center currently under construction by SoliTek will develop and manufacture SoliTek's new product - NOVA, a home energy management system or a smart battery, which will consist of several main parts:

  • Energy storage devices - lithium ion battery modules;
  • A hybrid inverter (voltage converter) connecting a home solar power plant, solar modules, battery and home network;
  • A smart meter (Smart meter) for monitoring and controlling the interaction of the home network and electricity networks (the equivalent of a two-way meter);
  • Data processing and management systems for energy flows, energy production and electricity consumption.

Energy flow management system with lithium-ion battery. NOVA
Modular solution - lithium ion battery

Modular solution - lithium ion battery

No matter how smart the system is, the first and foremost function of this system is to store electricity. Energy storage is planned in lithium-ion battery modules, which can be connected (added) to each other. The batteries will be low voltage (40), which will allow the battery to be discharged to 92 percent, but will be safer for home use.

The basis of the battery NOVA is a lithium ion battery based on nickel cobalt (NMC). One battery module will hold 5 kWh of electricity. And this will be the minimum capacity of a smart battery. It is planned that it will be possible to connect up to 8 separate battery modules, which will allow reaching the maximum capacity per control unit - 40 kWh.

The device control unit will always be connected to the battery modules (whether it is one or 8). It is planned that the total height of the 8 battery modules with the control unit will be about 2 m. 

The mass of one battery block is about 40 kg, and the control block - 10 kg, so a battery of 8 blocks with a control module can weigh about 330 kg.

An integral part of the battery system is the hybrid inverter

Both in Lithuania and in the world, electricity in households is AC. Solar power plants and lithium-ion batteries are DC power devices. So the hybrid inverter is the connecting link that converts different types of electricity and allows us to use electricity in the way we are used to. 

The hybrid inverter converts the DC generated by the solar power plant into AC if it needs to be fed into the home network. Also, if it is necessary to take the stored energy from the battery, it turns it into AC energy and also transmits it to the network.

If you allready have installed solar power plant with a ongrid inverter, in order to modernize the household electrical system by supplementing it with a battery, you will have to change the inverter as well. 

It is planned that customers will be able to choose the most suitable solution for their home from the range of hybrid inverters from the project partner DEYE.

An integral part of the battery system is the hybrid inverter
Electric flow management system

Electric flow management system

This is the brain of the system, making a simple accumulator (battery) a smart device that will adapt and improve along with your habits, changes in market electricity prices, programmed with one goal - to pay the lowest possible price for electricity. The device will monitor, evaluate and make decisions using the following information:

  • Current generation of your solar power plant, generation forecast, PV-SOL generation forecast;
  • Your electricity consumption habits, historical data; 
  • Electricity price during electricity consumption; 
  • Electricity price forecasts in real time;
  • Your electricity consumption schedule;

The control system is developed and will be developed in cooperation with INION, KTU and SoliTek RnD

Generally speaking - the system will monitor and plan your electricity purchase - when the solar plant produces, you will use your own electricity. If it is more profitable to buy from the exchange (for example, the price of electricity is minimal or negative), even at night, you can charge the battery from the network. If it is not worth taking from the network, energy from the battery will be supplied to the home network. Just so that you save on the electricity bill - you save money, not electricity.

All you need is the Internet. And SoliTek smart battery.

A solar power plant with a smart battery?

Although an off-grid and battery solution is also possible, the best use of the battery will be if the house is connected to the grid. By controlling the flow of electricity from the grid, the battery can reduce the cost of electricity delivery and collection.

The main function of the battery is to control the peaks of electricity consumption - in the morning and in the evening, at the time when the solar power plant is still working minimally, and the electricity demand at home is the highest. And, of course, to do it at the lowest cost to you.

We allready accept orders to new product for smart homes. 

Battery NOVA datasheet

A solar power plant with a smart battery?